Denon has just introduced another all-in-one DJ controller for entry level DJs. The DJ-MC2000 controller is instantly recognizable by its shape and similarity to other top end controllers in its field. However, this one is supposedly touted for its simplistic hardware and software. The jogwheels are of good quality, and the hardware layout mimics Serato Scratch Live’s software layout – something Denon has done in the past as well. It lacks useable features like a gain controls for each channel and a VU meter but is overall easy to use.

The Mamas, professional backup singers for Beyonce, recently fell in love with MiC while backstage before a performance in Atlantic City.

Once the Beyonce tour had concluded, the trio parted ways to return to their respective hometowns. The collaboration did not end however, as The Mamas were able to continue singing together. Spread across the US, The Mamas each recorded their parts to Diana Ross’ “Love Hangover”, a song they often perform together as an interlude during Beyonce’s set, using MiC, a Mac and GarageBand to create one great sounding track.

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Motu Track 16

Motu has announced that is now shipping its newest 16×14 desktop studio audio interface, Track16. “Track16 combines studio-grade recording with one-touch operation,” said Jim Cooper, Motu Director of Marketing. “Just push the button for the channel you want to control and turn the knob. Track16 delivers all the I/O you need for a well-equipped desktop studio, combined with a smart-looking design that brings high-end feel to your system.”

Motu Track16 Audio Interface is connecting through FireWire and USB 2.0 and comes with a breakout cable, optical digital I/O, Midi I/O and SMPTE time code sync. Advanced features include a 16-bus digital mixer (with reverb, EQ, and compression), audio analysis tools such as an FFT with spectrogram “waterfall”, and an instrument tuner.

EAW launches Powercube Power and Processing Modules

EAW recently has announced the release of their Powercube Amplifier Racks. Designed to maximize the capabilities of EAW’s Line Arrays, each Powercube amplifier rack includes electrical power distribution, 12 channels of amplifier power with integrated digital signal processing and 12-channel input and output.

Powercubes support either three Lab.gruppen PLM20000Q/SP amplifiers or six Powersoft K10 DSP+AESOP amplifiers. Amplifiers are shipped separately from the respective manufacturers for user installation on delivery. Powercubes come in 115 volt and 230 volt options, making four options in total. Electrical power distribution panels are separately configured for each of the four possible options.

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Singer/songwriter Trevor Lang uses VoiceLive Play to test drive some different vocal effects on one of his original songs. Playing the bed tracks through Garageband on the iPad, VoiceLive Play listens to the incoming audio, and sets the key for the harmonies automatically.

Take a guided tour of the Roland HD-3 V-Drums Lite.

Bill Oakley previews the FP Wireless System from the Shure booth at the 2012 NAB Show.

Sennheiser Tourguide2020 System

Livid Instruments XPC Expansion Controllers are a great addition to your CNTRL:R, Block, or OhmRGB. The controllers are plug and play and don’t require any special setup. Housed in a sleek black aluminum case, these handy modules come in a variety of configurations that adds more continuous control to your rig.

Livid Instruments XPC Expansion Controllers connect to CNTRL:R, Block, or OhmRGB through their 10 pin expansion ports with a single ribbon cable. The XPC series controllers allow you to add additional controls to your setup without having to add a bunch of extra gear and doesn’t take up additional USB ports. You can easily swap modules for different needs, too. Their compact size packs in a lot of control without taking up too much space in your studio or your bag.

Part three of the VoiceLive Play video manual with soulful singer/songwriter Georgia Murray and TC-Helicon's Craig Fraser going through all of Play's core features and applications.